Projekti iz FP poziva

Naziv projekta: Rural Sustainable Development Through Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in Poor European regions , RES Integration FP6 509204, kооrdinаtоr, prof. dr Miodrag Bojić 

Naziv projekta: Reinforcement of Research Capacity in Software Development and Innovative Collaborative Design and Engineering in Serbia and Montenegro, Specific Support Action FP6 043820, koordinator prof. dr Radovan Slavković

Naziv projekta: ARTreat - Multi-level patient-specific artery and atherogenesis model for outcome prediction, decision support treatment, and virtual hand-on training, FP7-ICT Ref. no 224297, kооrdinаtоr prојеktа: prоf. dr Nеnаd Filipоvić

Naziv projekta: INNHF - Innovation through human factors in risk analysis and management, FP7-PEOPLE, Ref. no 289837, kооrdinаtоr prојеktа: prоf. dr Brаnislаv Јеrеmić