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Fijatu HITNO potrebna 2 inženjera smera Motorna vozila i motori ili Automobilsko inženjerstvo

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FCAFiat Srbija traži dva inženjera smera Motorna vozila i motori ili Automobilsko inženjerstvo (završene master ili osnovne studije) i to već od 1. septembra na poziciji Analiticar u odeljenju carinske klasifikacije:


 Location: Kragujevac

Country: Serbia

Sector: FCA Services

Title: Customs Jr Analyst

Organizational Area: SADI / Custom classification


Summary / Job description

Performing accurate classifications for finished goods, equipment, raw materials, non-production items and others. Communicate classification decisions to key stakeholders, including members of the Customs team. Support colleagues of the EMEA Customs Operations team, as well as cross-functional departments globally, on classification issues and tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain relationships with internal stakeholders as well as with suppliers to obtain product information needed to perform accurate classifications.
  • Provide guidance, support and training to business units, Customs Operations and Global Customs team on requirements for product classifications and related operational processes.
  • Apply regulatory, judicial, international and/or local Customs’ decisions/views to products being classified.
  • Determine product eligibility for Free trade agreements
  • Interface with Engineering and Program Managers to understand technical characteristics and how that impacts classifications.
  • Provide guidance to colleagues concerning the requirements and obligations of proper classification of goods.
  • Work with both internal and external partners to measure and define trade compliance process and drive improvements


  • Bachelor in mechanical engineering (3 or 4 years of studies)
  • Strong knowledge about car parts and materials
  • English at least on intermediate level
  • Italian is an advantage
  • Experience in Customs working with special procedures and/or classification is an advantage
  • High accuracy and focus
  • Good logical thinking and decision making
  • Team oriented with positive working attitude

If you are interested in, please send us your CV on the following email address:

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