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Innovative Centre for information technologies

The Centre is at its foundation with the aim to realize different program contents in the fields of:

Development of innovations and entrepreneurship

  • Analysis of the results of projects in the country and abroad in order to eventually apply them commercially
  • Analysis of the existing and initiation of the development of own methodologies based on scientific results
  • Research of market demand and potential partners in industry and initiation of bonding with holders of scientific results at the Faculty (teachers and students)
  • Contracting marketing, sales and commercialization of created intellectual property
  • Organization of patenting and protection of intellectual properties

Education in new technologies and entrepreneurship

  • Education and training of stuff and students in information and communication technologies
  • Education and training of stuff and students in new production technologies
  • Education and training of stuff and students for management and entrepreneurship
  • Maximal engagement in economy in order to develop a region (recognition of possibilities for education of larger number of Center's associates, employed at the companies that directly participate in operation of the Centre)

Development and commercialization of products and processes

  • Providing services to companies from the field of design and calculation of constructions based on available human and technical resources at the Centre
  • Development and application of information systems and hydro-information systems
  • Software Engineering
  • E-learning
  • E-business
  • Network Computing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Interactive Information technologies
  • Visual Information technologies
  • Computational Video technologies
  • Open Source
  • Development of new and reengineering of the existing

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Centre manager: Nenad Marjanovic, Ph.D., full professor