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Centre for recycling of used PC equipment


The Centre for recycling of used PC equipment was formed in 2005 as a pilot centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and it is the first such centre in the Republic of Serbia. The Centre uses expensive and recyclable materials. It is dedicated to protection of ecologically clean and healthy environment and it should develop into profit centre that would work within the Faculty.


A multidisciplinary project TR-6709 named "Development of a system for recycling of electronic and electrical equipment", related to the program of technological development and conducted by the Ministry of science and environmental protection, is realized at the Centre, with financial support planned for a three year period, from the start of 2005 until the end of 2007.  The project was realized in cooperation with the Faculty ofScience from Kragujevac, Technical Faculty from Novi Sad and Institute "Mihailo Pupin" from Belgrade.

According to unofficial data, over 500 000 of second-hand and new personal computers (PCs) were imported to the territory of the Republic of Serbia in the last 15 years and the number is constantly increasing. Since the projected operational life of a single PC is 5 years, it means that there is a large number of used up PC equipment on the territory of the Republic of Serbia today.

Used up PCs in the structure of computer devices, belong to the group of electronic and electric waste and to the category of bio-hazardous waste materials. This group of waste materials is a source of secondary raw materials which, when recycled, may be directly used in corresponding domestic and foreign production processes. On the other hand, management of these waste materials provides conditions for the lowest risk of endangerment of human health and environment.



In order to control such waste materials, it is necessary to direct the research to keeping files of quantities and geographical dispersion of such recyclable materials, to explore the possibilities for organized regional collection, sorting, transport, treatment or disposal, as well as for determination of conditions of waste management in a way that provides the least risk to human health and to the environment. Since through the treatment of hazardous waste, through change in physical, thermal, chemical and biological processes and through levels of selection of waste components and materials, characteristics of the waste materials change, a special attention is given to technologies related to reduction of waste volume, facilitation of waste management and to recycling, which means waste materials processing in specific production processes.

Framework of the activities of the Centre:

  • Notification of quantity and distribution of PC equipment on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Determination of the age structure of the PC equipment.
  • Determination of quantity of still usable PC equipment.
  • Determination of quantity of useless PC equipment intended for storage.
  • Sorting of unusable PC equipment into useful and unuseful components.
  • Evaluation of the commercial value of useless PC equipment.
  • Definition of the recycling level of PC equipment.
  • Market research - domestic and foreign - the use of recycled materials.
  • Recycling technologies in levels adapted to domestic conditions.
  • Implementation of recycling technology at the initial centre for collecting of waste PC equipment.
  • Organization of forming of a large number of regional centers for collecting and recycling of PC equipment at the level of Serbia.

Centre manager: Bogdan Nedic, Ph.D., full professor