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Centre for heating, air-conditioning and solar energy

Agenda of the Centre 

Agenda contains the activities from the fields of: scientific research, education, profession and publishing. The Centre conducts its activities for: UNESCO, European Commission for Science of the European Union, the Ministry for science and environmental protection and for individuals and companies. The Centre is a focal point of Serbia for UNESCO's European Network for Education and Training in the field of renewable energy sources (EURO-NETRES), and, also, a focal point of Serbia for UNESCO's Regional Network of Engineering for development.


Available equipment

Modern equipment for electric current, thermal and electric measurements and computer equipment for processing of obtained measurement results are available at the Centre. 

Activities (education, scientific research, publishing ...) 

Scientific research activities

  • Scientific work on projects financed by the Ministry of science
  • Scientific research on projects financed by international institutions (UNESCO and European Commission)
  • Scientific research on projects financed by private and public companies 

Educational activities

  • Education of students on undergraduate and post graduate studies from this field
  • Work on specialist theses, master theses and doctoral dissertations from this field
  • Permanent education of graduated engineers from this field
  • Training of unemployed engineers for work in this propulsive field  

Publishing activities

  • Publishing of text-books, monographs and journals from this field. 

Professional activities

  • Testing and certification of devices and systems for heating, air-conditioning and solar energy
  • Design of systems for heating, air-conditioning and solar energy


The following projects have been realized or are still realized within the scientific research activities: 

  • Framework 6 project with Commission of the European Communities "Rural sustainable development through integration of technologies for renewable energy sources in indigent European areas"
  • Energy efficiency of large spaces with complex multiple uses, Three-year long project from National program of energy efficiency, Project EE814-175A of the Ministry of science and environmental protection of the Republic of Serbia
  • Development and research of a hybrid flat collector for heat and electric transformation, Project EE708-1003B of the Ministry of science and environmental protection of the Republic of Serbia 

Educational activity

  • Education of students at under graduate and post graduate studies in this field 

Under graduate studies - courses

  • Thermodynamics
  • Heating and air-conditioning of public buildings
  • Heating, air-conditioning and solar energy 


  • Project of development of education "Modern education in the field of building heating" WUS Austria
  • Postgraduate studies - Courses: Thermodynamics, Thermotechnique, Systems for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation and Alternative energy sources 

Working on specialist papers, master's theses and doctoral dissertation from this field 

The following themes are being currently worked on at the Centre:

  • Radovan Cubrovic - "Application of optimization methods on remote heating" (Master's thesis)
  • Sasa Kostic - "Application of COMIS software for research of ventilation of a typical building in Serbia" (Master's thesis)
  • Jasmina Skerlic - "optimization of application of renewable energy sources in rural areas" (Specialist's paper) 

Permanent education of graduated mechanical engineers in this field

  • Brain Gain program (March 19th, 2004 to March 23rd, 2004), Seminar ”Software for construction industry", Professor Vlado Bazjanac from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of University of California, financed by WUS Austria, 2004,
  • Brain Gain program (March 19th, 2004 to March 23rd, 2004) Seminar ”Chosen topics in compressors", dr Dobrivoje Ninkovic from ABB Turbo Systems Ltd., Baden, Switzerland, financed by WUS Austria, 2004. 

Training of unemployed engineers for work in this propulsive field

  • Training of mechanical engineers for development and realization of projects of heatin, air-conditioning and ventilation, EUREKNA (European Agency for Reconstruction), 2004.

Publishing activities

  • Publishing of text-books and journals from this field
  • UNESCO-ROSTE project 875.964.4- "Developing of Training Module Material in Renewable Energy Resources" (2005-2006). 

Centre manager: Milorad Bojic, Ph.D., full professor