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Centre for quality


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The end of a previous and the start of a new millennium were undoubtedly marked with people's attempts to increase the quality level of their own lives, which may be accomplished only through improvement of quality level of the products (hardware, software, process materials and services) that serve to meet people's needs. The Government of the Republic of Serbia has reached the Decision on quality improvement in the Republic of Serbia, at the end of 1992. Since 1993, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac has been intensely involved in national movement for quality, having directed a part of its teaching stuff to the activities that help the national movement for quality. With the engagement of the experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering form Kragujevac, some organizations have gained the certificate of knowledge on quality systems and some have started establishing of the system of quality according to standards of the series JUS ISO 9000.

The Centre for quality (CQ Centre), formed in 1998, is a separate organizational unit of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. CQ Centre does business based on and according to the Faculty Statute and those regulations that apply to economic-financial relations between the Faculty's centers and the Faculty itself. The Centre for quality has got a Certificate on recognition of quality management system No. QS-0152 (form November 28th, 2002) from National Bureau of Weights and Measures, which confirms that the quality management system carried out by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac - the Centre for quality is in accordance with standard JUS ISO 9001:2001 and it is related to the following activities: research services, teaching and consulting in the field of quality, environmental protection, safety and occupational health. 

Activities of the CQ centre 

The activities of the CQ Centre comprise of the following:

  • consulting services for organizations that are establishing the quality management system (QMS) according to the standards ISO 9000:2000 (JUS ISO 9001:2001),
  • consulting services for organizations that are establishing the environment management system  according to the standard ISO 14001 (EMS),
  • consulting services for establishing the integrated management system (QMS, EMS and HACCP),
  • consulting services in the field of food safety management (HACCP),
  • design of systems that provide occupational health and safety according to standard BS 8800 (OHSAS),
  • improvement of quality and QMS (as a whole or in some processes of the organization) according to standard ISO 9004:2000 (JUS ISO 9004:2001),
  • research in the field of quality,
  • organization of educative and promotion seminars, meetings and symposiums from the field of quality and QMS,
  • development of expert studies, studies, pre-projects and projects for rationalization of organization business and, thus, improving the quality level of the products of theses organizations and organizations themselves,
  • design and publication of diverse publications from the field of quality,
  • engagement at other contractors on-demand or by approval of the users and
  • other dealings from quality domain. 

CQ Centre resources 

CQ Centre resources are: human resources, financial resources, hardware, software, projects, documented solutions and information, literature and office inventory. 

Centar za kvalitet
Centar za kvalitet


The centre for quality and associates-consultants of the Centre, have established and proved themselves as very successful workers in the field of quality and quality system in previous development of national movement for quality. The centre for quality is competent for consulting in establishing the QMS. In their previous work, the consultants of the centre for quality have participated in realization of many activities in the fields of quality and quality system/QMS, the most important of which are:

  1. consulting services for organization that are introducing the quality system/QMS based on standard ISO 9000 series,
  2. education for quality,
  3. publishing activities and
  4. projects. 

In order to present scientific and expert achievements, exchange experience with surrounding partners, test scientific and expert competency of the centre, enlarge the national movement for quality, help the branch office of JUSK - Sumadija, the Center participates in organization and realization of conferences/meetings, the most distinguished of which is the QUALITY FESTIVAL, organized every year, since 2003. 

International projects 

In the previous period, the Centre for quality had got projects financed by European agency for reconstruction:

  • Training and employment of surplus manpower and unemployed in the field of quality management system- EURECNA SRL (2004),
  • Quality improvement and environmental protection- IQE - ENTERPRISE PLC (2005),
  • Project “FSP/MAE” for South-Eastern Europe - France and
  • Strengthening Quality Management, Capabilities and Infrastructures in Serbia and Montenegro - Denmark.

Centre manager: Slavko Arsovski, Ph.D., full professor