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Laboratory for metal forming and machine materials

Division for metal forming 

Basic activities of this division are: 

  • standard and special testing of materials at room temperature and at increased temperatures; 
  • forming and machinability of sheet metals; 
  • control of sheet metals forming processes; 
  • net-shape manufacturing; 
  • forging of new materials; 
  • micro-forming; 
  • physical modeling and numerical simulation in metal forming; 
  • different tests and expert's reports demanded by user with giving certificates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac, etc.

For realization of the activities, modern equipment is used, like: Computerized measuring system for material testing ZWICK/ROELL Z 100; Universal hydraulic triple acting forming  press ERICHSEN 142/12 for material testing (sheet metals above all) in different conditions (deep drawing, fluid drawing, fine punching, double-sided tension-stretching, one-axle tension, etc); Electric-chemical device for applying the measuring networks onto metal surfaces (sheet metals above all) ERICHSEN, with optical reading devices; Excenter press with tools for preparation of test-tubes for testing; 4 PCs with associated equipment and appropriate software; large number of auxiliary devices and tools of universal type or for special applications, etc. 

Univerzalna mašina za ispitivanje materijala ZWICK/ROELL Z 100
Univerzalna mašina za ispitivanje materijala ZWICK/ROELL Z 100
Hidraulična presa ERICHSEN 142/12
Hidraulična presa ERICHSEN 142/12

Division for machine materials 

Available equipment: universal machines for static tension testing of materials (100 and 400 kN) at room temperature and at increased temperatures, shaker for determination of dynamic durability of metals (400 kN), Charpy pendulum for tenacity testing, stable devices for static hardness testing (HB, HV, HRC and HRB) and micro-hardness (HV), portable devices for dynamic measurements of hardness (Poldy, scleroscope and duroscope), device for magnetic steel compact testing (ferro-flux), device for ultrasound testing, additional equipment for mechanical and technological testing, metallographic microscope and other equipment, enable successful carrying of teaching-educational and scientific-research processes by application of different methods and procedures of material testing, like:  

  • Testing of materials on tension, pressure, bending, shearing, as well as determination of elasticity modulus both at room temperature and at increased temperatures; 
  • Measurement of macro and micro hardness; 
  • Determination of impact strength at room temperature, lower and increased temperatures; 
  • Determination of permanent dynamic durability; 
  • Testing of materials with no destruction; 
  • Evaluation of steel hardenability, evaluation of microstructure, determination of granule size, sizes and shapes of carbon inclusions in grey cast iron, determination of temperatures of transformation and similar. 

Univerzalna mehanička mašina (0-100 kN)
Univerzalna mehanička mašina (0-100 kN)
Hidraulična mašina (0-400 kN)
Hidraulična mašina (0-400 kN)

Division for welding 
      Division for welding has: 2 devices for REL welding, one set for gas welding, one device for submerged arc welding (MAG/MIG), one device for TIG welding, a device for powder welding, a device for gas cutting on higher lengths, a device for spot welding, an inventor TIG device of new generation with a fan for air exchange, electric loops, a set for gas welding, stable double-sided abrasive grinding wheel, working benches and screens, protective equipment and a waste range of additional materials.

Available equipment enables:

  • carrying on of teaching-educational process, while students acquire practical skills; 
  • carrying on of experiments needed for final works, master's theses and doctoral dissertations; 
  • carrying on of all kinds of fusion welding and electric resistance welding; 
  • evaluation of weldability of steel, cast iron, painted metals and their alloys; 
  • control and acceptance of welded constructions; 
  • education and training of staff for welding, at all levels of expertise; 
  • design of workshops for welding and  testing of welded joints; 
  • model and real repair welding and surfacing of different part, machines and devices; 
  • quality assessment and presentation of additional materials and devices for welding;
  • giving service to third parties in the field of welding and similar. 

Uređaj za EPP zavarivanje
Uređaj za EPP zavarivanje
Praktična obuka TIG zavarivaca
Praktična obuka TIG zavarivaca

Laboratory manager: Dragan Adamovic, Ph.D., associated professor