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Laboratory for metal machining and tribology


Equipment of the Laboratory with machines, devices, kits, measuring chains, measuring instrumentation,  modern computer systems and other devices, provides the research in great number of scientific disciplines like: Metal machining, Machine tools, Tools and kits, Tribology, Maintenance of technical systems, Design of technological processes (CAD/CAM), Metrology, processing of plastic masses, Non-conventional machining procedures, Quality and product's quality management ... 

Modern measuring chains for measuring of cutting resistance (KISTLER) and cutting temperature (with natural and artificial thermal couples), of complex parameters of surface roughness (TAYLOR-HOBSON), of parameters of cutting tools' wear (microscopic and laser methods), of reliability of operation and service life of tools and machine elements, devices and mechanisms (model testing on tribometer), with complete computer support, create necessary conditions for realization of a large number of research programs.  


Universal measuring microscope and piezoelectric dynamometer for measuring of cutting resistance, KISTLER 

Detalj iz LOMT-a

Mašina za unutrašnje provlačenje - glavni konstruktor prof. dr Svetislav Zahar (zlatna medalja BIAM 82)

Laka CNC mašina za obradu drveta, plastike, nemetala..., SHP - Mixer i SHP - Separator. Deo proizvoda razvijenih u LOMT-u

Basis of program decisions of the Laboratory originates from a large number of research programs dedicated to development of: 

  • new products (machines, mechanisms, devices, cutting tools, kits, coolants and lubricants...),
  • new technologies, methods and cutting procedures,
  • new diagnostic methods and systems,
  • methods and procedures of revitalization of machine elements, mechanisms, devices, cutting tools, kits,..., 
  • methods of increasing of business efficiency (productivity, flexibility and use of capacity ratio), 
  • methods for creation of products having successful quality level on the market,
  • CIM information systems with a sequence of independent and integrated sub-systems (CAD, CAM, CAQ, CIQ, PPS, TIS ...).

LOMT's orientation towards fundamental and applied, applicative and development research, during several years of work in mentioned fields, has provides and provides: 

  • new products (mill broaches, devices for operation with coolants and lubricants, machines for machining the pipes of armament, production milling machines, ... , in ZASTAVA, and new SHP types at FAM-Krusevac,...),
  • new technologies (for improvement of tool's surface layers and machine elements, for manufacture of pull broaches, for machining of armament pipes in Zastava, etc.), 
  • introduction of new materials (for production of friction bearings - Copper rolling mill Sevojno, for production of gears in Zastava, etc.),
  • development of new diagnostic methods (tribometer at the FME Kragujevac, ...),
  • increasing the level of productivity, flexibility and quality of products and services...

Director of the Laboratory: Bogdan Nedic, Ph.D., associate professor